Deodorant Use Mistakes To Avoid

Incorrect use of deodorant can make your body smell more. Mistakes in using deodorant can clog pores, cause accumulation of dirt, even make you risk of experiencing health problems. You can choose Deodorant without Aluminum for the number of reasons. Here are some errors in using deodorant that can make your armpits smell more and how to overcome them.


1. Using ordinary deodorant for sports

Deodorants are usually used for ordinary activities throughout the day. However, if for exercise, the body will sweat intensely and ordinary deodorant will not be enough to dispel body odor. To overcome or avoid these mistakes, use deodorant specifically for exercise. This deodorant is made to overcome body odor when exercising.

2. Bathe several times a day

Scientists believe that bathing too often can make you smell more. Good bacteria that encourage the skin to make antibiotics that kill bad bacteria will disappear if you bathe too often. You can use body odor remover before bathing. This tissue contains a balanced and hypoallergenic pH that can fight odors and soothe the skin.

3. Rely on fragrance

Covering smells and eliminating them are two different things. When you see this “fragrance” label it can be filled with harsh chemicals that actually irritate the skin and kill good bacteria. Well, choose a deodorant formula that fights odors, not cover them. This product usually contains coconut oil and essential oils that can keep you fresh against odors and absorb sweat. These products tend not to be sticky at all and are very good for sensitive skin.

4. Using the wrong soap when bathing

You might think that the more soap, the fresher the body smells. In fact, some soap actually changes microorganisms to make body odor. Do you know? Wash the body with the right ingredients. Avoid all soap products that contain chemicals, preservatives, thickeners, and detergents.