Some of these tips become a guide for you to give gifts to introverts and extroverts

Giving a gift is indeed a fun activity. However, you also have to pay attention to who you will give the gift and what he likes. One gift that everyone is sure to like is a music box. Even now you can make custom music boxes so that the gifts you provide can be more memorable.

All you need to pay attention to is the character that you will give the gift. Usually, a person’s character is divided into two, namely introverts and extroverts. For both, you need to pay attention to the gift that you will give. There are several tips for giving gifts for both according to the character. Some of these tips are

1. Introvert: Book
This book sometimes becomes a friend of the introvert when they are enjoying their time alone. Try asking friends around him. He likes what books. Guaranteed he will feel you have been paying attention to him.

2. Extrovert: music CD
This CD can be Valentine’s gift for the introvert. You just buy a blank CD and find out his favorite song. Then you write what is on the CD, and don’t forget to put your name under it. If you want to play, he remembers you. So sweet.

3. Introvert: Make food supplies
This introvert really appreciates people. Your giving, which according to others is simple, can impress him. I have been able to try to make it for him, decorated as beautifully as possible for his lunch later.

4. Extrovert: Flowers
Flowers are things that women like. Most extroverts are famous for their ignorance toward others. If you give flowers, the extrovert can melt in an instant.

5. Extrovert: Spend your time with him
This extrovert won’t protest when you invite to eat outside even on the simply restaurant. As long as you are alone with you, according to the extrovert it will be a fun thing.