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The Function Of Curtain For Your Home Or Office

Well, curtains are known and used in the house, maybe the same as the presence of a window. Initially, the curtain served as a window cover in rural homes. The making is very simple, namely plain cloth. At that time, the curtains often only cover half the window, which is the bottom, while the top is left open so that sunlight can still enter. In addition to curtains, there are also blinds or in Indonesian commonly called blinds now also known as curtains. Like curtains, now blinds are also present in many shapes and models. To get the most of the curtain benefits, make sure you will choose the right ม่านปรับแสงคุณภาพสูง.


One function of the curtain is to close the window. Houses have openings in the form of doors, windows, and ventilation, each of which has a different function. Windows are usually made so that sunlight can enter the house, as well as a visual source (view). There are times when we want to close the window to get evacuation, especially at night. It was then that the tsrai and blinds played a crucial role as window shutters.