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This is the Preparation You Must Do When You Go to Thailand

Vacationing is certainly an agenda that you must always do to forget for a moment all the problems and activities that you do every day. This is also to refresh your mind from the various things you think. One of the best tourist destinations you can visit is Thailand. There, there are many interesting places that you can visit. For transportation, you can use Car Rental Thailand to be able to go to various places you want.

When you decide to visit Thailand, there are some preparations that you must do. Some of these preparations include

1. Prepare the currency that applies there, namely Bath
Before you go to Thailand, you must exchange the rupiah first with bath. Make sure you have checked the rate now. It’s better not to exchange money when you are in Thailand because the exchange rate is not good.

2. Learn a little Thai
Most of the people of Thailand, lacking in English. So you also need to learn Thai. Minimum basic words or basic questions such as greetings, bid prices for goods when shopping, and so on. Ka!

3. Book a hotel from now on
Before starting your vacation in Thailand, you should book a hotel from now on. You can order it through online or a travel agent. The goal is that when you’re there, you don’t bother looking for a hotel anymore.

4. Bring clothes that display politeness
You don’t need to bring too many clothes over there. Just a few clothes you need there. Don’t forget to put polite clothes on your copy too. Because there are many temples there and if you visit temples there, you are required to dress modestly and neatly.

5. Always check weather conditions
Similar to Indonesia, Thailand has a rainy and dry season. Just make sure you get there the season does not interfere with your trip.