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Recognize Some Damage To Chainsaws And How To Avoid It

For those of you who have a chainsaw are certainly no stranger to various problems that occur. All these problems will certainly hamper your work. So all you have to do to overcome this is to look for electric chainsaw repair services to be able to handle the problems that occur on your chainsaw.

When your machine saw is damaged, then don’t panic and try some of these first handlings so you can still do the activity. Some damage that often occurs on the chainsaw must be handled properly. Below are some of the damage that often happens and how to avoid it.

1. Chain tensioning does not work
Possible causes: Some saws have a mechanism to avoid the over-tensioning. Then you should follow the proper procedure to adjust tension, a tight screw may be damaged.
How to avoid: Tightening the chain properly can be complicated. You should not have visible leniency, but the chain must move easily along the guide bar. You must be able to pull the chain a little from the bar. Take the time to get this right to avoid damage to the chainsaw.

2. The chain does not have oil
Possible cause: The oil will help the chain to work properly. If there is not the oil then the chain will be broken as soon as possible.
How to avoid: Make sure to always clean the chain after you use it. And check if the oil pumped off the tank.

3. The engine doesn’t turn around
Possible causes: There are many reasons why gasoline chainsaws will not turn on, such as wrong lumps, broken plugs, or blocked fuel lines. Even if everything goes well, a gasoline engine saw can still be difficult to start.
How to avoid: Always clean the chain everytime you use it. Then check if the chain still has the oil in the filter.