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Selection of Granite Colors That Can Improve Elegant Impressions For Your Kitchen

The use of granite on countertops is increasingly in demand. Not only for a large kitchen, but even a minimalist kitchen can also use countertops granite. The price of granite is quite expensive, but when you see the results, you will not feel in vain to have spent quite a lot of money. The installation of granite countertops cannot be done alone, so it usually requires professional personnel, one of which is the Dallas granite countertops.

Before installing granite countertops, you will definitely be asked to choose colors according to your wishes and you may already have color targets. Of course, you have to prepare a budget so that expenses can continue to be monitored during the installation of granite. But if you are still confused about choosing the color of countertops granite, here are some color choices for consideration:

– Black granite for an elegant color
If you want to have a kitchen that looks elegant, you can use dark granite, for example, black granite. Pair it with a wardrobe that has a neutral color for a classic look. Also, provide large windows for natural lighting. This black color is more suitable for a spacious kitchen. Solid black granite has silver spots and sparkles when exposed to light.

– White granite for a modern impression
Pure white granite is not easy to find because most have black, gray or red spots. Pure white granite will be very suitable with new equipment. You can also mix white granite with modern equipment for a modern look. But if you prefer traditional appearance, you can combine granite with traditional equipment.

– Red granite to have a bold impression
Red granite can be said to have a bold and historic impression. He said, decorating in red was widely used by Egyptians in their homes. In its use, you can choose bright or burgundy colors. Some red granites have blue, white and silver spots. So that the color of pure red granite is hard to find, just like pure white granite. Combine with a neutral wardrobe color so as not to give the impression of stinging the room.