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Dealing with those who want to buy your car

After you greet customers, they also give customers the opportunity to tell what they are looking for or about their uncertainty about the type of car they want. Meanwhile, we also recommend you to check out the Extended vehicle warranty reviews.

Try not to give yes or no questions or questions that are too broad if you don’t want customers to leave easily. Some of the things that you should not ask are, “Can I help you today” or “How can I help you”. With this, customers can easily answer, I just see a look and chances are you can lose the opportunity to sell a car.

Try to ask about more targeted questions such as, “Are you looking for a sedan or SUV?” Or “What type of vehicle can I help to find today”. It’s possible that customers are still not interested in your help.

Find Out About Special Things

After you find the type of car the customer is looking for, then you can narrow the search by asking more specifically about the space needed, the budget and the special features that the customer wants.

You may have a job section to sell additional features such as navigation systems, seats that can be heated or cooled, blind spot detection, warranties and so on. Selling these additional features to customers will be much easier if you also learn about what is needed and desired by customers.

Talk About Exchange

You can also ask if the customer has a vehicle that you want to exchange. It’s a good idea to do this before you start showing new cars to customers so you can find out the motive of buying from customers and also see what they feel lacking in an old car. This also allows customers to be more relaxed when they want to find a new car because they know that their old car has been taken care of properly.

Also, explain if the sales manager is the person who will judge their car and the manager’s job is to give the best possible deal for the customer’s car.