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These Are Four Tips for Lowering Weight for Those of You Who Work in the Office

Excessive weight will indeed make your appearance no longer attractive and even look bad. So, it’s no wonder that many people choose to go on a diet to get optimal and ideal body weight. One of the diets that you can do is jejum intermitente. Make sure that you choose the right diet to get maximum and optimal results.

However, when your job requires you to sit for a long time, it will be a bad thing because your weight will increase continuously. There are some tips for you who want to lose weight but have a job that demands that you sit too long.

1. Try walking for five minutes every hour
A busy day at the office that doesn’t make you give up on not exercising at all. Instead, you should be able to make the best use of it, one of which takes 5 minutes to walk around the office every hour. For example, to the pantry, toilet, or approaching a colleague’s desk. Believe it or not, this helps you lose weight and refresh for a while.

2. Use the ladder to exercise
Just like when you do a gym, going up and down the floors of an office building using stairs is certainly better for burning calories than an elevator. That way, your body often moves and exerts energy. This will also make your body become stiff.

3. Prepare a healthy snack
Office work while constantly sitting unconsciously makes you like to eat snacks. This is fine, as long as you can keep the consumption of the snacks from being excessive. So that the intake of food that enters the body is not arbitrary, you still have to pay attention to the type of snack. Well, try now to get rid of snacks like potato chips, french fries, or biscuits. Then learn to replace it with fruits, nuts, or popcorn.

These three ways will help you lose weight and have activities so that your body moves when you have to be forced to sit in the office for a long time.