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These Two Countries Turn Out to Have Unique School Uniforms

In various parts of the world, the rules for using uniforms at school time are the same and absolute to do. That way, students will be trained in discipline from an early age. In choosing a school uniforms, you also have to be careful because you might be wrong in choosing it and it will make you uncomfortable when wearing it.

However, it turns out, in some countries in the world, there are uniforms that are considered unique and attract attention. Some of the countries in question are

1. Somalia
A school located in Mogadishu, Somalia has a unique uniform. Not only does it have a ‘colorful’ appearance, but this uniform is also able to cover the use of the person.

2. Sierra Leone
A country located in West Africa, precisely on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean has a uniform that is no less unique to other countries. At a private school called Every Nation Academy in Makeni, students wear striking yellow uniforms with blue hats.