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A website with high traffic but its purchase rate is low

You get traffic (visitors) coming to your website every day hundreds or even thousands, but unfortunately, no one buys, just visits. Aside from that, you can visit https://www.charles-brian.com/new-york-city-seo/ to find a good SEO company which can assist your online business.

What’s wrong with the wrong website?

What’s wrong is that you don’t see the competitor’s website!

Visitors if you want to buy, he will compare your offer with competitors’ offers

Which is cheaper.
Which response is faster.
Which flower designs are varied and unique.
Do provide shipping or free.
Are there discounts or negotiable?
Are there consulting services to choose flowers?

This is what you have to check on the competitor’s website, specifically with the keyword “buy flowers New York”, check all the competitors on page # 1 of Google. Compare it to your website, find out what’s wrong so your sales don’t sell.

How to beat competitors’ offers?

It’s easy, you can do it by observe, copy, and modify.

Observe the website or offer provided by competitors.

Imitate the website design or offer provided by competitors.

Modification of the design of your website so that it is not less visible, and no less bid or even more than what is provided by competitors.

That way you can minimize the risk of visitors running to your competitors. But remember, you can ATM, your competitors can also ATM. So always monitor your competitors every day.

Aside from that, pay attention to the content as well. How many CONTENT the competitors update and how the quality is. You must be better. To check the content of competitors, you just go to their website page and see the date of renewal, how many times competitors update their content. The content can be PRODUCTS, ARTICLES, NEWS. If you update your website content not as much as competitors, you naturally lose.

But the amount of content also does not necessarily win, Google sees the QUALITY of content. How to check it is easy to use Google Analytics, how much bounce rate from people who read your content. If the average 2-3 minutes is normal. But if you can get it over 5 minutes it’s good.