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Another 3 benefits of rope jumping/skipping

Sports jump rope or skipping is a sport that uses a rope held on both ends, then rotated and jumped by the feet. This jump rope is included in the jump sports group which has the aim to train and develop muscle strength with maximum time. This exercise is also often known as plyometrics, which has the physical characteristics of strength, flexibility and good balance. Meanwhile, visit sportlifeadviser.com if you need equipment for your rope jumping.

Besides that, did you know that jump rope if done correctly has various benefits?

Among other things, the benefits of jumping rope are very good for heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) fitness and the following below are 3 further benefits that we can use when doing jump rope sports:

1. Tighten the legs

The benefits of jumping rope can help tighten the legs because what is used for jumping is feet. In addition to the legs, other parts can also be tightened like the calves, hamstrings, to the buttocks, but how can you vary the movement when jumping rope.

2. Streamline the arms and abdomen

In rope jumping, one of the things that are done is to maintain balance and keep the posture upright while playing rope jumping. To maintain this balance it is very important the role of the core muscles that includes the abdominal muscles to the back.

This allows the abdomen to be trained. Besides that, playing a rope when jumping rope will train your arm muscles.

3. Effective weight loss

Based on the research, it is stated that skipping along with running, as the most effective exercise for burning calories and around 861 – 1,074 calories will burn when someone jumps for one hour.

This is, of course, the benefit of jumping rope has a greater amount of calorie burning compared to playing soccer which only burns 752-937 calories.