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Tricks you need so your stuff last for a long time

If you have a pearl necklace, you must pay special attention to this item. Do not put the pearl necklace by hanging it, because it will make the strap loosen. Also, never mix pearl necklaces with other jewelry. Because the surface is very easily scratched, therefore keep the necklace in a special soft container. Then do not leave your clothes moldy just because you store them by hanging or stacking in the wardrobe. Because a moist wardrobe is a right place for mushrooms to grow. To avoid this, make sure your closet is well ventilated. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to check out the recommended self storage service near you, so it’d be easier and safer for you to store your valuables for a long time, especially if you want to move to a new house and you can’t bring all of your items into the new place.

For you a woman, of course, you have a lot of beauty and body care products. If you usually just put the product on the dresser, now try changing the habit by placing it on a shelf on the wall above the dressing table. Because this method will be far more practical than stacking it on the dresser.

Also, move medicines from the bathroom. Do not store medicines in the bathroom. Because this room is very humid and hot. Keep medicines in the desk drawer in the room, in the kitchen, or in the closet in the dining room.

Then store electronic equipment that is rarely used such as a mixer, blender, and juicer. Put these items in the kitchen cabinet to prevent dust and fill the countertop.

Finally, remove fresh vegetables from your refrigerator! Avocados, red onions, and tomatoes are better stored at room temperature.

That’s it for the info that we may share with you regarding the tricks for storing items. We hope it helps you to be more creative in storing your belongings so they may last longer.