Treatment for Hearing loss

Hearing loss often afflicts a person with increasing age. The age factor is the most common cause of hearing loss. Approximately one-third of the population of the United States has a decreased hearing ability to a certain extent at the age of 65-75 years. You can use Hearing Aids to help you.

The way to treat hearing loss depends on the cause and severity. Usually, people with hearing loss are treated with:

– Cleanses dirt that clogs the ear.

– Surgery. This step might be done if the person has an ear injury or recurrent infection.

– Hearing aids. This tool can make sounds heard by sufferers stronger and easier to hear.

– Cochlear implants, namely hearing aids planted under the skin behind the patient’s ear.

– Learn sign language and read lips. If a person has a severe hearing loss or has deafness from birth can interfere with communication with other people. It is recommended to understand sign language and lip reading to facilitate communication with others.

There are several things that can be done to reduce the risk of hearing loss, namely:

– Do not insert objects into children’s ears, including fingers, cotton buds, cotton wool, and tissue.

– Test your hearing senses regularly if you are often exposed to loud sounds while working.

– Avoid activities that risk injuring the sense of hearing, such as hunting with a shotgun or listening to music at a volume that is too loud.

– Protect your ears when in a noisy environment.

– Use headphones that can resist the entry of outside sounds when listening to music with headphones, so the volume does not need to be too big.

– Immediately go to the doctor if you experience symptoms of ear infections or other symptoms such as ringing in the ears so that this disease does not develop into hearing loss.

– Don’t smoke, because inhaling cigarette smoke can make hearing ability decrease slowly.