Types of Investment

Are you thinking about investing? If so, you can visit our website and get attractive investment offers in Lombok  villas for sale. Go visit  and find out what we can offer you. In addition, some types of investment that you can try are:


– Rent a house

You can get a yield of 3% – 5% per year or higher than that by renting a house. Given the home is a basic requirement, then do not worry about the loneliness of enthusiasts. However, you should still pay close attention to the location. If you want to get good results, choose a strategic location such as close crowds, offices, or factories. Same with the land, you can also benefit by selling it for the long term. However, in contrast to land with minimal maintenance costs, home investment requires greater maintenance costs. Especially if you get a less responsible tenant. Selectively choosing tenants if you do not want to lose.

– Apartments and condominiums investment

The need for vertical occupancy increases with the increasingly limited land. Investment in vertical housing is promising. Investment of apartments and condominiums has the potential to incur a yield of 7% – 12% per year. The downside, choosing an apartment or condominium for property investment should be more thorough. If one chooses an apartment or condominium it will be difficult to get maximum results. For example, locations that are less strategic, or have to deal with developers and building management is less good.

– Home business investment

If you are tempted by higher yields, choose a home-based business rather than a rented house. You are potentially pocketing a yield in the range of 5% – 7% per year. Advantages of boarding business are you also have the opportunity to gain profit from additional business such as catering and laundry. Remember, pick a location near an office or campus to make your business more smoothly. However, unlike a rented business, you need to be more careful in terms of maintenance in the homestay business. Under certain circumstances, you even have to pay people for special duty to clean and maintain the boarding.